Always Faithful

Always Faithful depicts the compelling dedication of military dog teams on the front lines of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The film follows five young Marines from training through deployment. After the grueling competition for placement in the K9 program, our men and women must train their new, four-legged partners to become highly skilled and reliable collaborators, capable of functioning on the deadliest battlefields in the scorching deserts of the Middle East.

The stakes are unthinkable. There is no room for error. These highly skilled dog teams are responsible for the lives of countless fellow Marines. Their contribution is extraordinary, and their stories are heart wrenching and unforgettable tales of bravery and sacrifice.

Always Faithful explores the intense bond that develops between man and dog as they put their lives on the line day after day. It's an emotional journey, filled with stirring triumphs and shattering heartbreak.

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